Fifth Grade Learning Goals


*solve story problems by a process of steps

*use fractions in multiplication, division, addition and subtraction

*use information to construct several types of graphs

*recognize geometric shapes/figures and problem solving for area and perimeter

*English and metric measures and conversions

*algebraic equations



*learn the building blocks of Christian character and how to apply practically

*study the implications of our bodies as God's temple

*learn about and practice Biblical evangelism and missions

*study God's Word for foundations for Christian living and recognize His grace extended to us

*verse and catechism practice


Social Studies

*become familiar with Eastern Hemisphere, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, Austrilia, Oceania and Antarctica, geographically and culturally

*know from memory:  the presidents, states and capitals, Preamble, American Creed

*recogniz the effects of history on current events


Language Arts

*consistently spell correctly at grade level for all work

*know and apply rules of grammar for oral and written expression

*read for comprehension and evaluation both orally and written by providing a variety of literary genres

*develop effective communication skils in speaking and writing



*establish good health habits incorporating keys to both mental and spiritual wellness

*study human anatomy and physiology

*study social behavior and develop respect for others

*observe and get an understanding of science

*recognize insects, mammals and birds

*study weather, principles of light, earth, sun and solar system

*further develop thinking and reasoning skills

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