First Grade Learning Goals



*count money using coins up to one dollar

*tell time accurately to the quarter, half and full hour

*add 2 and 3 digit numbers carrying to the 10's and 100's place

*understand and use place value and greater/less than correctly

*count and write to 200

*knowledge of addition and subtraction facts for families 1 - 13

*count by 2's, 5's and 10's

*recognize and use the inch and centimeter measures on a ruler

*knowledge of calendar concepts

*understand simple story problems

*introduce Roman numerals



*know about our Father's care and protection through His Word and promises

*learn how God deals with His people guiding, ruling and strengthening them

*study His Word and memorize verses that demonstrate His care and protection

*learn to love the Word of God and the God of the Word through developing trust in daily living


Social Studies

*teach history and geography through facts, concepts and principles

*recognize God's wisdom, omnipotence and sovereignty in the history of the world

*learn our early history by studying Native Americans, Columbus and other explorers

*provide hands-on opportunities to experience life in the past


Language Arts


*recognize and write complete sentences

*learn and use capitalization in sentences, names, days of the week, months, Bible, etc

*develop oral reading skills

*recognition of all phonics special sounds in reading, vowel blends

*develop oral and written communication skills



*lead students to an appreciation for the world that God has created

*discover the wonderful animals of God's creation

*introduce basic concepts of our 5 senses matter, air, wind and water

*learn to properly care for the body God has given us

*learn and practice courtesy and good manners for home and school

*develop and reinforce good safety habits





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