Fourth Grade Learning Goals


*demonstrate mastery of fundamental operations involving whole numbers, fractions, or decimals

*English and metric measures/conversions and equation solving

*organize and interpret information for graphing

*fraction terminology and problem solving

*use algebraic principles for solving equations

*concepts of perimeter/area in geometric shapes

*multi-step story problems requiring several operations



*learn attributes of God through His relationship with Israel

*learn the importance of Bible study and prayer through life of O.T. Kings

*learn character traits of perserverence, faithfulness, contentment, humility and love through Bible personalities

*examine personal responsibility by studying the Early Church

*study Bible prophecy and end times


Social Studies

*learn map study and geography as related to the United States

*study the history of the U.S. from early exploration to the World Wars

*study the 3 branches of government

*learn Ohio history, geography, government and interesting trivia


Language Arts

*correctly spell at grade level using phonetic spelling rules

*produce neat, well formed cursive writing in all work

*apply rules of grammar for effective written and oral communication

*provide practice for continued development of fluency and expression in oral reading and other forms of communication through a variety of genres

*demonstrate comprehension and word recognition in order to interpret and evaluate what is read both orally or silently



*know basic characteristics and classifications of specific insects, plants, birds and fish

*basic concepts of geology, oceanography and astronomy

*basic concepts of matter, sound and energy

*learn names, proper care of bones, muscles, respiratory system, teeth and skin structure

*develop good personal hygiene and healthy relationships

*understand scientific method and put into practical use through science fair participation

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