Kindergarten Learning Goals



*recognize and write numbers from 0 - 100

*learn the math concepts of more, less, greater, smaller, before and after

*tell time to the hour, half and quarter hour

*understand calendar concepts such as days, weeks and years

*understand the concept of addition (grouping) and know facts through the 10's family

*understand the concept of subtraction (take away) and learn lower level facts

*develop an awareness of size measurements and use the inch as a scale for measure

*learn names and values for four main coins and how to count money in groups of similar and different coins

*recognize common shapes



*learn Bible verses that apply to their age and Bible material content

*learn character traits they can put into action in their lives

*learn about prayer and how to pray

*learn the value of singing in Scripture and use it in learning Scripture verses and in worship

*learn Bible memory work that will provide a working knowledge of Bible terms and doctrines


Social Studies

*learn about the concepts of community and community workers

*students will be introduced to geography and historical figures


Language Arts

*learn pre-reading and pre-writing skills

*gain comprehension and perception skills through a comprehension centered listening and reading program

*develop listening and critical thinking skills

*gain knowledge and understanding of social studies and science through the lessons incorporated into the curriculum

*learn to form precursive letters a-z

*learn auditory and visual discrimination of letters, blends and phonetic sounds



*foster a love and appreciation for God's design in nature and recognize His hand in all things

*the child will be introduced to different animals and insects

*the child will be introduced to weather and seasons

*the child will be introduced to plants

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