Pre-Kindergarten Learning Goals


*letters A and B; red week - jiggler snack; Psalm 56:3; Bible lesson

*letters C, D, E and F; #1; circle, pencil hold, list of jobs; blue week - blueberry muffins;; John 1:3; Bible lesson



*letters G, H and I; #2; square; Senses:  hear, smell, see, touch and taste - make gingerbread men; yellow week - popcorn snack; Ephesians 4:32; Bible lesson

*letters J, K and L; #3; triangle; Family/Pets:  parents, brother/sister, grandparents, dogs, cats; green week - grapes snack; I Samuel 15:22; Bible lesson

*letters M, N, O and P; rectangle; Community Helpers:  police, firefighter, doctor/nurse, dentist, mayor; orange week - oranges; Romans 3:12; Bible lesson

*letters Q, R and S; #4; Transportation:  bus, cars, trucks, boats, airplanes and trains; purple week - grape jelly sandwich; Psalm 32:8; Bible lesson



*letters T, U and V; #0 and #5; oval; Nursery Rhymes:  Tortoise & Hare, 3 Pigs, 3 Bears; rhymes; brown day - brownies; Psalm 38:18; Bible lesson

*letters W, X, Y and Z; #6; Teddy Bear Picnic; black & white week - Oreo's; Psalm 119:16; Bible lesson

*letter A; #7; books: Bible lesson

*letters B and C; #8; banana pudding; make shakers; apples; Bible lesson

*letter C; applesauce; octagon; leaves; Bible lesson



*letter D; #9; pumpkins; carve pumpkin; scarecrows & snack; end first book; float & pumpkin seeds; Bible lesson

*letter E; #10; names/vests/drums; homes - teepee, snack; headbands; wampum; food; Bible lesson

*letter F; cone; hats; voyage; Bible lesson

*#11; Squanto & snack; First Thanksgiving; turkey; advent calendar; bells; Bible lesson



*letter G; sound; rainbow; magnets; gravity; measurement; Bible lesson

*letter H; spacecraft; astronauts; sun; sphere; moon; stars; star; angel; shopping; Christmas tree; decorations; Bible lesson

*Christmas cookies; gifts & cards; Christmas party; Bible lesson



*letter I; frost; snowflakes; sleet & ice; diamond - snowman snack; Bible lesson

*letter J; penguins; gray; polar bears - snack; seals; moose; huskies; Bible lesson

*letter K; rust - snack; penny; beehives; groundhogs; beavers; web; Bible lesson

*letter L; flag; presidents; dollar; songs; symbols; red, white & blue day - pretzel snack; Bible lesson

*letter M; address; hearts; letter carriers; learn address; end book 2; post office; mail; Bible lesson



*letter N; gear; nickel; trail; campfire & snack; rodeo; Bible lesson

*letter O; quarter; clothes; Valentine party; faces; acts; clown day and snack; Bible lesson

*letter P; dinosaurs; stegasaurus & snack; Bible lesson

*letter Q; oviraptors; pteranodonis; tyrannosaurus rex; dino show and tell; Bible lesson



*letter R; pigs & snack; cows - making ice cream; sheep; hens & chickens; goats; Bible lesson

*letter S; clock; elephant & snack; monkey and gorilla; giraffe and zebra; kangaroo and koala; lions and tigers; Bible lesson

*letter T; rain; wind; duck and fish; turtles and frogs - snack; shoe tying test; telephone number test; Bible lesson

*letter U; Mr. McGregor/Peter Rabbit; planting; Peter Rabbit Party; Bible lesson



*letter V; plants grow; vegetables; grocery store & snack; planting; Bible lesson

*letter W; worms & snack; praying mantis; Bible lesson

*letter X; ladybugs; caterpillars/butterflies & snack; bees; Bible lesson

*letter Y; camping; set up camp; s'mores snack; Bible lesson



*letter Z; campfire; hiking; fishing; sleeping bags for nap; snack; Bible lesson

*letters A-O; boat ride; aquarium & snack; volleyball; sand castles; James 5:8; Bible lesson; Scripture books

*letters P-Z; Toby; Sydney/Sophie; honey; Max; picnic; Scripture books; Psalm 25:4

*Scripture books

*God Knows You; God Knows Everything

*Rascal Say's I'm Sorry; Words Can Hurt; Sydney's Soup Can Message; Sydney to the Rescue; Where Should the Money Go?

*What is Faith?; God is Like...


Field Trips

*Apple Orchard

*Post Office

*Giant Eagle

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