Second Grade Learning Goals



*recognize and write numbers to 10,000

*add using carrying and subtract using borrowing with accuracy

*count and handle money to the $10.00 amount

*multiplication and division to the 5 family

*tell time using digital and analog clock

*use units of measure in distance, weight, volume and time in metric and standard units

*story problems with additional information

*know and use Roman numerals

*apply math skills in life situations both written and verbally



*recognize their need of Christ as personal Savior

*study to understand more about God as the all-powerful, all knowing Creator

*study Bible characters that demonstrate qualities of obedience, humility, compassion and generosity to grasp true servant-hood

*practice Bible skills by learning to use the Table of Contents, a Bible Gossary and how to find Book, Chapter and Verse

*connect Bible events to the historical time line including concepts of BC and AD

*correlate Bible truths to every day life and other subject areas being taught


Social Studies

*know that God is the initiator of all history

*learn the geographic skills of map reading:  including compass rose, map keys, the seven continents and four oceans

*define community and how they differ

*study the time period of history from 1400's to 1800's with an emphasis on discovery and colonization of America

*begin an understanding of the Revolutionary War by studying the conflicts in the colonies over taxation without representation


Language Arts

*foster an appreciation of language as a gift from God

*continue practice of basic 1 & 2 vowel phonetic rules with an empasis on syllables

*develop new vocabulary using the syllable rules, story context, high frequency words, dictionary and thesaurus skills

*develop literal, interpretive, critical comprehension through varied opportunities for silent and oral reading

*strengthen pre-cursive skills and introduce the cursive alphabet

*develop writing skills from sentences to paragraphs; personal and creative stories to a research report

*recognize and use correct grammar, punctuation and sentence structure

*provide opportunities for public speaking in small groups, class environment and large groups



*develop a wonder and appreciation for God as the Creator and initiator of all life and science

*study the wonders of creation through specific units of animals, solar system, weather, plants and oceans

*study the importance of caring for the human body by learning the value of healthy eating, daily exercise and prevention of germ transfers

*learn through observation of books, films, encyclopedias, and experiments done individually or  in groups

*integrate science truths into other second grade skills of reading and writing by completing a science research report

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