Sixth Grade Learning Goals


*recognize the place value of numbers through billions

*use English (standard) and metric measures

*convert measures within the same system and solve measurement equations

*solve story problems with one or more steps or with unnecessary information

*write percents as fractions, decimals and ratios

*find perimeter and area of a rectangle, square, triangle and parallelogram

*solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems

*multiply and divide by up to four digits anc check work for accuracy



*verse and catechism memorization

*O.T. studies of the Creation, Fall, Flood, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Law, United-divided kingdoms and the prophets

*N.T. studies of Christ's ministry, Paul, and missionary journeys

*strengthen their personal relationship with God based on O.T. and N.T. truths studied throughout the school year


Social Studies

*recite the Gettysburg Address

*identify states on a map and write capital cities

*recognize major events from American wars

*identify Revolutionary figures and their contributions

*recognize the major concepts of the Civil War

*identify the 3 branches of government in the U.S. and their functions

*become familiar with the countries of Central and South America geographically and culturally


Language Arts

*develop fluency and comprehension in oral and silent reading

*communicate clearly through both the written and spoken word

*proofread for misspelled words and their meanings

*define the main parts of speech such as nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, and determiners and identify them within sentences

*use proper punctuation and capitalization in written work



*cover in detail:  plants invertebrates, earth, universe, space, matter, chemistry, first aid, recreational safety, nervous system - senses, body defenses

*label parts of a leaf and flower

*write characteristics of various invertebrate classes

*identify the various classifications of volcanoes

*identify some common constellations

*list planets and distinguishing chracteristics

*define terms such as matter, mass, density, element and compound

*label each part of the endocrine system

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