Third Grade Learning Goals



*recognize place value

*addition with carrying/know facts/checking

*subtraction with borrowing/know facts/checking

*multiplication tables to 12/able to work problems with carrying

*division tables to 12/checking and remainders

*know measures in English and metric/convert and solve measurement equations

*tell time

*Roman numerals 1- 1,000

*story problems with up to 4 steps

*simple algebraic equations


*geometric shapes

*counting money/solving money problems using decimal point correctly



*learn that the Bible is God's authoritative Word

*learn that God deals directly with His people and their needs

*understand and accept the plan of salvation put into place by a loving God

*memorize Bible verses and grasp the principles found within the verse

*connect God's Word to every day life and see relevance in all subject areas


Social Studeis

*learn that God was, and is, active in directing the course of history

*learn important individuals and events in history:  Washington, settlement of our country to the Civil War

*learn and locate the 50 states and capitals

*memorize the 43 presidents and understand their role in American history

*memorize the Preamble of the Constitution and The Gettysburg Address and grasp underlying principles

*learn values and respect rights and responsibilities of self and others.


Language Arts

*read both orally and silently for comprehension and word interpretation using many literary types/styles

*read orally with fluency and expression

*effectively use rules of grammar for written and oral communication

*use phonics and spelling rules to spell correctly at grade levele in all work

*develop communication skills by providing various opportunities for speaking and listening



*student will be interested in Science through a study of God's creation and the world around them

*learn all truth in Science must agree with the Bible

*study about themselves and the world around them:  the plant world, vertebrates, invertebrates, the desert, ocean, pond, forest, the farmer and weather

*learn that God has placed a natural curiosity in us to learn about Him and His creation

*learn that they are wonderfully created by God and be knowledgeable of health issues, hygiene, safety and manners

*develop a life long interest in maintaining good health practice


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